Monday, January 16

Corduroy Christmas

here's your one blooper for the year- you're welcome / edited with VSCOCam

| lip: NYX liquid lipstick in Cherry Skies | top: secondhand {similar} | shorts: Anthropologie {similar} | tights: Target | | boots: Target

A bit belated, but here's what I wore on Christmas day with my family, in Oceanside, CA. Though I (happily) spent about a week wearing my favorite purple leggings, huge tie-dye Lagunitas t-shirt, and absolutely no make-up, I wanted to take one opportunity to get a bit dressed up. These corduroy shorts (which you can barely see, I'm sorry! They're a dark green) and velvet top (an old favorite that my mom's cousin gave me years ago) combined into the most festive outfit I could dream up for the holiday.

I'm completely obsessed with the streamlined look of black tights + OTK boots (I actually haven't worn them another way!) But I'll be honest- I was a liiittle toasty for my California Christmas. It was very ironically warmer here in Nashville on Christmas than it was in San Diego, but still pretty balmy!

Are you all totally back in the swing of things after the holidays? I jumped back headfirst into busy weeks at work, but otherwise life has been super chill. Hoping to post about the goals I'm working on, this week! Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, January 11

heart-ly speaking

| lip: Tarte | button-up: Old Navy via thredUP | dress + belt: boutique in Memphis {similar} | socks: Target | 
| clogs: Old Navy {similar} |

all photos by Adriane Smith Creative
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First outfit post of the New Year! Woo-hoo! 

How’s everybody’s 2017 so far? I’ve been reminded of how much I absolutely *love* this time of year- because (especially after the bustle of December) nobody has anything going on! I’m feeling good- I’ve taken some time to list out some goals for the year, and already started chipping away this month! I’m also very excited about how travel plans are shaping up for the year! More on all of that, soon. 

As far as style goes, it's been interesting to look over My Favorite Outfits from 2016 and reflect on how I feel my style changing. And it is changing. Beginning with compiling my Fall Un-Capsule, that I based on simply what I wanted to wear last Fall, I started noticing that I was gravitating towards different things. 

Here are the facts: I'm 25, by no means old, but working in a professional setting, albeit a very casual one. As I reflect on the direction I want my style to go in 2017, I'm leaning more towards neutral colors, classic pieces, and generally a more grown up version of my personal style, "quirky classy." I will never be able to give up bright colors or prints altogether, but I know there's a way to make them look and feel more grown up than my college wardrobe. 

I'm still in the experimental phase of how to dress like an adult but not be totally bored. My best examples so far? Leopard trousers, a sheath dress in the best bright print, sparkly shoes with a tailored outfit. With more to come, soon! I'm sensing a trend here, though: classic pieces (trousers, sheath dress, flats) in fun colors or prints (leopard print, ...leopard print, glitter.) 

All this to say- this is probably the worst outfit to illustrate how I believe my style is shifting lately. But I can't promise I won't throw in an occasional heart print or some pattern mixing, and I'm still obsessed with clogs with socks

Oh p.s. - I know being into neutrals is nothing revolutionary, in fact, it's like, trendy right now. I was just shocked to be so into it after years of dressing like a Scandinavian art teacher.

So how do YOU feel your style shifting in 2017? Better question- how do you dress up the bright/playful pieces you used to love to make them relevant for your life today?

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Saturday, January 7


Just a few photos from this past Christmas, spent in Oceanside, California (north of San Diego) with my entire family, minus Carina, plus Sabina, and the newest Pappu, Marisol!

I was able to fly out a couple days early and just hang with Sundar, who lives in Carlsbad, and Amir who drove down from the Bay Area to join us! Spending two days with my two favorite guys was a treat!

It wasn't necessarily beach weather (ironically it was warmer on Christmas Day in Nashville), but it sure was nice being on the coast for a bit. That California coast that I miss so much in the wonderful but landlocked state of Tennessee.

The extra-long weekend was super chill, and I lived in my huge tie-dye Lagunitas t-shirt and purple leggings (not the worst), we also continued our Priya-implemented tradition of pairing up for dinner + activity partners! Sundar & I joined forces on Christmas Eve for go-karting (I broke my "no extreme sports" policy and was pleasantly surprised) and tri-tip sandwiches (we played to our strengths & Sundar's is definitely the grill.)

Thankful for the holiday that brings us all together and off from work to relax in this roomy beach house!


Wednesday, January 4

My Favorite Songs of 2016


I started writing this list when I was writing another post, and the first song on this list came on, and I almost started crying because I instantly felt like I was training for my race on a sunny Spring day on the Shelby Bottoms greenway, feeling good, but at the same time like what should I do with my life??

Super cool how music does that to you. I’m already looking forward to the day in the future when I randomly hear that same song come on and think, “wow, when I loved that song initially my life was such a shit show and now it’s perfect!”

Anyway, I listen to music basically all day at work, and then when I exercise (which was a lot when I was training for a marathon) and I thought it’d be fun to share this list. I’m a music person in that I love it- not saying I have super cool taste or anything. I absolutely love terrible pop music (**case in point: one song on this list is vintage Britney**)

Priya’s Favorite Songs of 2016, Vol. I

1. Catch & Release- Matt Simons | just a beautiful song (on a great album!) check out the remix too!
2. Sorry- Beyoncé | the queen doing what the queen does- giving me THE song I didn’t know I needed this year.
3. It’s All in Vain- Wet | I can tell you the exact moment this takes me to. LOVE Wet, saw them in concert this year!
4. Feeling Ok- Best Coast | so many nights driving home I can’t even tell you. Great episode of Song Exploder too!
5. Genghis Khan- Miike Snow | the catchiest song, maybe ever? I still listen to this & it still makes me happy!
6. Touch- Nick Jonas | He played this at his show! Fab song & album, & Nick has emerged as a great solo artist.
7. The Less I Know The Better- Tame Impala | Such an amazing album/group.
8. That’s My Girl- 5th Harmony | dark horse! More than one time, this song made me cry as my feminism credo.
9. We Don’t Talk Anymore- Charlie Puth | Narrowly missed seeing CP in concert, this album/song is amaaaazing (Shout-out to Selena Gomez who is also on this track.)
10. Fever- Carly Rae Jepsen | CRJ all day. Nothing from E*MO*TION made it on this list (narrowly!), but here’s my favorite from the b-sides. Also saw her in concert this year and she was Pat Benetar reincarnate.

Priya’s Favorite Songs of 2016, Vol II.
(which was originally honorable mentions to a list of 10 and then I was like, I need to double this list)

11. Lost on You- LP | An absolutely incredible artist, and this is her new single I think? Loved it the first time I heard it.
12. All Time Low- Jon Bellion | This is on the radio too, and for good reason.
13. Closer- Chainsmokers ft. Halsey | You already love this song, I don’t have to tell you why I love it. Jam of the year?
14. Cool Girl- Tove Lo | A really cool sound. 
15. Welcome to Your Life- Grouplove | I need to listen to more of them, honestly, but this song is awesome!
16. Livewire- Oh Wonder | A fantastic album, through & through. Probably my favorite track though.
17. Overprotected- Britney Spears | Haha. This song is legit on my top tracks playlist of the year. Um, just a great song!
18. A-YO- Lady Gaga | an amazing, alternative return by LG. Probably the best track on the album, imho.
19. I Feel it Coming- The Weeknd | I’m pretty convinced this IS Michael Jackson. Way to go, Weeknd.
20. Sugar- Maren Morris | Love this album from start to finish, I think this is my favorite track. Huge fan of hers!
21. Me, Myself & I- G.Eazy | A great song to run/feel great about yourself to.
22. No Problem- Chance the Rapper | I don’t have to tell you about this album. I think this is the best track though!

I even made a handy Spotify widget so you can listen to this playlist so easily! If you’ve made a similar list, I would love to check it out, as I’m always looking for new tunes to listen to! Share below!!

Saturday, December 31

To 2017...and Beyond!

| coat: Banana Republic via Carina {similar} | blouse: vintage Dior via Carina {similar} | jeans: Old Navy | booties: Rag & Bone | lip: Cailyn Art Touch lip gloss in Basic Instinct | earrings, ring, bracelet: gifts |

Just a couple quick notes on the outfit if ♫ bay-bay, this is what you came for : welcome to my version of a power outfit, for when I had to speak in front of my entire company at our year end staff meeting! Lol @ how far “power outfits” have come for women, amiright?

This blouse is vintage Dior, and yeah, I even hate myself after saying that. Both the blouse and these Rag & Bone booties are kinda “loan-hand-me-downs” from my sister- which I am totally fine with. The only problem being that now that I’ve tasted Rag & Bone booties, Target is not nearly as palatable.

I specifically don’t have an official “re-cap of 2016” post planned because you know what? 2016 was not my favorite year. If I had a phrase to describe 2016 it would be “plagued with uncertainty.” Does not warrant a blog post. (I did compile a post with “My Favorite Outfits of 2016” because yay, something I can control!)

I would be remiss to say 2016 sucked, because a lot of great things happened, and I have so much to be thankful for, I really do. So fineee, real quick, a few of my highlights from the past year:

- traveled to London/Munich/Paris
- my brother got married and I got a new sister
- I officially got promoted into a new role at work
- hosted Steph & Tim and Rachel in Nashville
- I didn’t quit blogging! And, I'll say it- I took my content to the next level. 

And at the risk of sounding like a total loser:

You know how sometimes after a break-up, you have to edit your hobbies a bit? Because maybe a certain hobby reminds you of another person too much, or it was the thing you always did together? I’m so happy that blogging has remained something that’s totally mine, that I still love to do. (Not that Hunter didn’t help me out a ton- shout-out to him for taking so many pictures.) I know I can come to this space on any given day and be able to honestly write about what’s going on & how I’m feeling, and I’m so thankful for that. Thank you, truly, for being a part of this outlet for me!

As opposed to 2016, where my blogging goal was just to not quit, I do have some goals for 2017 around here aaaand I hope you will stick around to find out what they are!

Ok, I guess I’ll talk to you guys NEXT YEAR (<-- my favorite joke! teehee!) Have an incredible New Years Eve! Be safe and slayyy with those NYE outfits.

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