Tuesday, February 21

and besides what I've been wearing...

Well hey! I realized things have been a little quieter than normal around here, and I always feel a bit off when my blog is just about what I'm wearing. Yes it is a big part of my life (I wear clothes every day!) and yes it is and will continue to be what the majority of my content centers around. But I figure that if you're reading, you're someone (family, friends, or friends I've come to know through blogging!) that cares about more than that. Plus honestly it's a good way for me to stop and think, "What has life been like lately?"

Life has been full and good. Things at work have been non-stop since January. I feel like I'm finally, really coming into my own in the position I moved over to about a year ago. My days are packed and they go by really quickly- sometimes as I leave the office I feel like my ears are ringing a little bit with the day's activity! I love the team I work with and what I've been able to do lately. And per usual, busy workdays lead to not much screen time otherwise- which is ok with me!

Then it seems like I've had something every.single.evening after work for the last month straight. Drinks, dates, dinners, girlfriends, old friends, new friends, side-hustles, and work events, with maybe A free night thrown in somewhere. Phew!

Weekends have been a mix of both and really, pretty blissful. I've gotten into a bit of a routine, and have been loving the Sunday afternoons where I sit at home with an endless cup of coffee, music playing, windows open and several books/notebooks (+ my trusty planner) strewn around. This is before or after a long run outside because the weather has been so nice lately!

The pictures above are a pretty good representation of some random fun stuff that has happened lately (you know, the stuff you want to blog about but it’s not like a full post.) I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going to the Ariana Grande show with friends, I went to the ultimate pizza party, I made a King Cake for a viewing party for the premiere of Lifetime’s Britney Spears documentary-film (that's big news- I have, somehow recently become a Britney Spear's super-fan. My celeb gossip guilty pleasure has been getting out of hand!)

One of my goals for 2017 was to prioritize self-care, which I admittedly am not very good at. Maybe it’s all activity, but I feel like I’ve been spending a LOT of time getting ready lately. And you know what? Vain as this may sound, I’ve really been enjoying it. Taking that time to pamper myself, in a fluffy robe, and often re-set in the middle of a busy day has surprisingly become something I look forward to! I’ve done a liiitle bit of regular shopping and beauty shopping (full re-cap to come at the end of the month!) which makes this part even more exciting.

Another goal that I’m getting really close to (and super excited about!) is my blog re-brand. She’s coming, y’all. I am working with a very talented friend on a new header, and have just about chosen a new template! I just can’t wait to share it with you guys! Stay tuned!

I try to keep things pretty light around here, but I’ve really been feeling, for the first time in about a year, that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be right now. I'm convinced contentment is the best feeling in the world- I'm not completely there yet, but I’m feeling good. And I feel a lot better after sharing a general life update in this space, always! Thanks for reading, & I would love to hear what's going on behind the scenes in your life, too! 

Wednesday, February 15

A Little Less Conversation Hearts

| sweater: Marc Jacobs via Carina {similar} | dress: Old Navy | tights: Old Navy {similar} | earrings: gift (from Katie) | flats: Madewell via Carina {similar} | trench: Gap {similar} | lip: MAC lipstick in St. Germain + NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream | mani: Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London in Sundays - my off duty nude

Happy Valentine's week, my little cherubs!

This outfit completely goes against my (alleged) style shift- you know, the one where I'm trying to dress like a professional adult- but if there's one day where you should be allowed to dress a little kitschy, it's Valentine's Day, right?

Truth be told, I’ve been rotating through all the red, pink, and heart printed (or shaped!) items in my closet for the last week or so (that’s when I wore this outfit, peep yesterday's actual Valentine office outfit here) because, why not? I really love thematic dressing, and this has to be my favorite holiday to dress for.

This sweater was a very recent hand-me-down from Carina, who wistfully gave it to me and said “I used to wear this every year on Valentine’s Day!” Done and done. Otherwise, I tried to keep the look as neutral as possible, what with the heart-print tights and sparkly flats. For my ultimate Valentine lip, I started with MAC lipstick in St. Germain and added NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream over top. The layering made the look less Cyndi Lauper and more Barbie (though I’ve been crushing Time After Time lately!)

If you’re wondering how I spent my atypical Valentine’s Day (atypical for me, I suppose, in recent years anyway): I went to the Ariana Grande concert with a couple girlfriends (and one girlfriend’s boyfriend who I also love!) I was a huge fan of her last album, and she did not disappoint! I sang and danced my little heart out, sequin-clad and with another pink lip.

I sure hope you experienced some Valentine magic yesterday, too!

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Tuesday, February 7

Red Leather Bomber

red leather bomber jacket
red leather bomber jacket, winter outfit, Nashville fashion blogger
| jacket: Forever 21 {similar} | top: secondhand H&M {similar} | jeans: Old Navy Rockstar | tote: gift (Nordstrom) | booties: Rag & Bone via Carina | mani: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

click the item name for additional styles/brand name to shop identical or similar! 

Well hey! This outfit is such a good representation of my life right now. I have been living in: these Old Navy jeans (at $30 a pair you can't afford to not have some), these Rag & Bone booties from Carina (so much so that part of the sole fell off yesterday!), and the new work tote I got for Christmas (which, you'll recall, is one of my 10 Essential Accessories.) I'm in desperate need of a hair-cut to shape up my ends (and take off some of this weight!) so I always have one of those claw clips with me (that you can spy clipped onto my bag), because they are really the only thing that hold my hair back these days!

If you recognize this leather jacket, you’re a super fan of the blog (so thank you!) I got it in college originally and hadn’t worn it probably since then. I even had it listed in my Poshmark closet for a while, until I realized, I think it’s kinda in style again! I think there’s a lesson in there, somewhere? Maybe don't get rid of things too quickly, because there’s always that chance they’ll come around again. I’m also doing this silly thing where I’m trying to wear (or toss!) all my nail polish, so I started the challenge with my very favorite: Lincoln Park After Dark.

Also: shout-out to a dear friend, who let me know that February is American Heart Health Month. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the US? No doubt someone you know has been affected by this disease. The official Red Day was on 2/3, but you can wear red all month long to promote heart disease awareness (and check out Go Red For Women to learn more, get involved, and take action!)

I have to confess that I am having such a better week than last (professionally, mentally, emotionally, etc. etc.) and I sure hope you are too. <3

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Friday, February 3

weekend update: m'ladies


Last weekend, two of my best friends from high school, Jenae & Stephanie, came to visit meeee! I was going to say "we didn't take a lot of pictures" but, we did, just not of hanging out together (remember Steph is a brilliant photographer so I was all, "please take some pics for my blog??") Stay tuned! 

Both of them have actually been to Nashville several times, so this XL weekend was a pretty good mix of going out and staying in. Friday night was basically my birthday party because we had dinner with Amanda and Emily, and Saturday night was a going out marathon that started at Puckett's and ended with Steph & singing "You & I" at Santa's Pub (it did not disappoint!) And Sunday we were totally useless.

In between all of this we squeezed in lots of walking and shopping, coffee and tacos, sleeping in and napping, & ugly laughing and talking over each other. And Stephanie acted like a lamb, and Jenae acted like a baby, and Emily let us take over the entire house (thanks Em!) 

Thank you, m'ladies, for coming to m'Nashville, and you are welcome back any old time. 

Tuesday, January 31

JANUARY / new year, who dis?

Last year, in lieu of a monthly goal check-in, I opted for a Current State of the Union post, to capture the latest & greatest in my life every month. This year, I'm switching things up again! Though I do have some goals for the year, I probably won't reference them much. But I love having a catch-all at the end of the month though, soooo that's what this is! There's no telling what direction it will go. 
another year, another Paper Source calendar that I loooove

+ January was a super chill month for me, perfect for dreaming and scheming for the rest of the year. Apart from Jenae & Steph visiting over the XL weekend, I really don't have much to report!

+ Usingmy ban.do planner (it is super cheap right now!) + stickers (book one & two) religiously, in a twist of fate I also received the I Believe in Fun and I Believe in Red Lipstick pins while ordering pins for my girlfriends for Christmas! No, actual fate, they shipped me the wrong ones. ban.do everything, forever.

+ Buying | I was kinda determined not to shop this month because I have no more storage + a lot of travel plans, & I was doing just fine until we did a little walkin' & shoppin' this weekend. I picked up this life-changing dress, another pair of dressy shorts (real similar to these), and this casual boho dress.

+ Enjoying | Fran's "Healthyish" series, and wishing I had more to share with y'all about my fitness routines! I have one workout left in the 4 weeks of pre-training for the Bikini Body Guide, then the real fun begins (plus I've been running, nothing crazy!) I only eat very boring stuff, but maybe I'll make it a goal to make some interesting, healthy recipes and share them next month.

+ Glamming | There are some e.l.f. products I really love (one time I did this tutorial) including the HD blush! They are super pigmented, like, super, so you only need a tiny bit and lots of blending!

+ ListeningI'm Alone, No You're Not - Joseph, We Move - James Vincent McMorrow, Remember Us To Life - Regina Spektor (her new album that no one told me about!) I've also been crushing this blessing of a playlist: all the NOW cd's combined. You're welcome (psst let's connect on Spotify!)

+ WatchingRats, the Morgan Spurlock documentary on Netflix, in an effort to face my fears but it was truly terrifying, The 80's docuseries on Netflix because have I ever told you how much I love everything about the 80's? SNL pretty regularly (check out Aziz hosting/Big Sean performing) and The Office because it just feels like home.

+ Nashvilling | My new favorite place in town is Barcelona Wine Bar in Edgehill. It's technically a chain (??) but a great one. Cool vibe, extensive bar, and a tapas selection that will actually fill you up!

+ Reading | East of Eden by John Steinbeck. STILL working on this classic that my friend Rachel recommended, and I'm really determined to finish it! This month I also read Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. I didn't love the main character Tess, so I couldn't really root for her, but Danler is undoubtably a talented writer, and it was worth reading!

+ Blogging | I shared my favorite songs from 2016, memories from Christmas vacation, my goals for 2017, my Top 10 Essential Accessories, and I wore a dress that doesn't match my style shift, corduroy shorts, a super casual outfit for a beer crawl day, and my culottes- for the first time!

However you're tracking your goals/life in 2017, I would love to follow along. Share your links with me below!
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