Thursday, March 23

Flannel & Wool

| sunnies: Target {similar} | lip: Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Tampered | flannel: stolen from my brother (Urban Outfitter's) {similar} | skirt: Madewell via Carina {similar} | tights: Target | boots: Target {similar} | 

I am just about wrapping up the last of my Winter outfits around here, before I transition into Spring (psst: did you know you can view each of my outfits by season? Check it out —> Winter / Spring / Summer / Fall.)

Stephanie killed it with these pictures, didn't she? I was so lucky to have my talented best friend come visit me back in January (and the pictures did not hurt!) Did you catch the first and second outfits from my shoots with her? We took these just down the street from my house in my neighborhood "strip mall" - using the term loosely, because, while strip malls are usually sterile and suburban, this little one is made up of old colored brick buildings! I don't know if I've mentioned lately that where I've been living in Nashville (for going on two years now) is my favorite place I've ever lived in the entire city. And let me tell you, I have done my homework, living in virtually every part of town. I guess I shouldn't hand out my address, but let me know if you want to hear more about that. :)

So this outfit is definitely one of my favorite looks of the season! I just can't get enough of my OTK boots, and to think I avoided them initially because I didn't think they were my style. Pairing them with a mini-skirt was even more of a step outside of my comfort zone, but Steph assured me, and hey, it works! I think the combination of OTK boots + tights + a mini at my natural waist actually looks pretty elongating, which is my end game any time I get dressed (short legs, right here.) 

This decent pair from Target appears to be sold out (boo!) but I've linked to the dreamy #bestlife Stuart Weitzman's. Quick poll: should I use my entire tax return to buy a pair? (Kidding, mom!)

This flannel is one of maybe three that I own, and I stole it from my little brother years ago (thanks Tup!) But anyone in my family/friend/boyfriend circle KNOWS that at any time, an item in their closet may appear on my blog. It comes with the territory. 

But for real, this button-up is a great reminder to me that it is way better to have a couple of something you really love, instead of six of something you don't really care for. And THAT is a lesson you can apply anywhere in your life! There you go, an outfit and some real life advice. Don't say I never did nothin' for ya.

shop the look below!photos by Stephanie B Photography

Wednesday, March 22


| coat: Old Navy {similar} | glasses: | scarf: gift (Madewell) | tee: Old Navy | purse: Kate Spade {similar} | pants: Old Navy {similar} | booties: Steven by Steve Madden via Carina {similar} |

If you wanna talk "uniforms" lately, here's mine! Before we hit these legendary thunderstorms and mild Spring days, we had a couple weeks of *super* cold weather, the coldest of the year so far, in fact. I lived inside this coat for days at a time (only kinda joking.) It's the warmest coat I own, and has served me super well for the past few years- in Finland, in freezing Nashville, in rain, in snow, you name it! I got mine at Old Navy a few years ago, but they sell this style pretty much every season. There are so many similar options out there- I would completely recommend a "parka" style coat!

The tee + drawstring pants combo has really become a go-to as well, I wear this to work about once a week. Perfect for pretending you're still wearing pajamas. How fun are these sunglasses? I am obsessed with all things, and these were a free giftie when I bought some Christmas presents back in December. And lastly, this fabulous blanket scarf was a gift from my sister-in-law, thanks, SIS! It's been my favorite of the season. 

And this is the second set of photos I took with my bffl Steph, when she came to town back in January (first set, coming right up!) We spent the last half day they were here wandering around shops in 12 South, and grabbing tacos at Bar Taco, and it was pretty perfect. 

Apart from normal work stuff, I'm having a pretty chill week for a change. I've actually challenged myself to get a little bored in the evenings, for the first time in...six years? It's been a real treat. I am also MEGA feeling the Spring Break Blues (or maybe, lack of Spring Break Blues?) so I'm planning to take Friday off, maybe a staycation, maybe just a Priya day, we'll see! 

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Monday, March 20

6 Quick Tips For Productivity

After several weeks straight of living in the anxious mindset, "I just wish there were more hours in the day!" I finally said to myself, Priya, you don't need more hours in the day, you just need to be better at managing your time. For the last couple weeks, I have really made a conscious effort to pay attention to my time management, both at work and home (though mostly at work.) And boy, do I waste a lot of time!

I just wanted to share a few quick and easy things that I've already found have made a huge difference in my day, and overall productivity!

1.  Do this first! | I find that my most unproductive time of the day is when I get to work in the morning. There I am, easing into the day, drinking coffee, catching up with co-workers, when all of a sudden- it's 9:30am and I've barely done a thing! To combat this, I've started leaving a post-it on my desk of the first task I should do right when I get to the office. It can be any size, but the point is, you hit the ground running by knocking something off your list, first! 
2. Put your phone away | Hand your phone to a friend, lock it in a drawer, turn on "Do Not Disturb" mode, whatever you need to do to make it a little harder to get to. We all know that "checking one thing on your phone real quick" can easily turn into 30 minutes of scrolling (I am so guilty of this!) Simply having your phone out of arms reach will make you think twice (Wait, where is my phone? Oh yeah, productivity.) when you're looking for it. 
3. Know your workflow | If I ever get into something tedious, I like to put my hair up (with one of these), pop my headphones in, and alert my team that "I'm flowin." That's just what works for me. My point is to know your own workflow. Whether you're blogging, working, or doing your taxes, find what works for you and stick to it! 
4. Reward yourself | This is so important, guys! Remember that at a certain point of pushing yourself all day, your quality of work is likely going down. In college I used to study in 20 minute increments (yeah, I have a very short attention span) and then paint my nails or watch a music video. Nowadays, it's a little more task-oriented (and I don't paint my nails in the office...) but I do have a good system of checks & balances. The irony is not lost on me that I'm telling you to waste time to be productive, but when used appropriately, it can motivate you to do some great work! 
5. Scenery / stand | The literal quickest fix for when you're staring at something that you just can't get through: find a place to stand and work. And give yourself a change of scenery. Fresh air and natural light can do wonders for your brain (this is like, science.) 
6. And in the words of Nike...| Laila has aptly named this "the Tove rule": sometimes you just have to DO IT. In the past few weeks, I've honestly transcribed "call the dentist" onto several different to-do lists instead of just picking up the phone and doing it. This is really dumb. Tasks that are that quick don't even need to be written (unless it's just to cross them off your list!)

I am not a life-coach (ahahaha), and many of these may seem like no-brainers, but, I figure some of you know exactly where I'm coming from, and maybe struggle with similar things!

What are your tried & true tips for being productive?
And what's your favorite way to chill out, when you feel like you just don't have enough hours in the day?

I would love to hear your tips as well, share below! And Happy Monday :)

Friday, March 17


| lip: Urban Decay Vice in Tampered | scarf: gift (Madewell) | tee: Old Navy | coat: gift (J.Crew Majesty Pea coat) {similar} | jeans: Old Navy | booties: Rag & Bone via Carina | 

Remember when my besties came to town in January, and I said, we took a load of pictures, just wait for it? I am so super excited to share the first set I took with my very talented (and very long-time, like 3rd grade) friend, Stephanie (she has been all over this blog, just take a look.) 

We spent the first afternoon when they were in town (while Jenae took a little post-conference nap, haha) going around my neighborhood to showcase some of my favorite recent outfits. 

This outfit is made out of some pretty amazing Christmas presents. I don't know if you recall my favorite chartreuse coat that disappeared, somehow? Well THIS perfect Marigold coat was gifted to me by someone very thoughtful, as a replacement for that coat. And I just love how well it pairs with navy, which is the point behind this whole look. This scarf, gifted to me by my sweetest little brother, Amir, and the best Rag & Bone booties that I would love to have in every color, that were borrowed-given to me by my sister Carina

I really don't have anything else to say about it (are you shocked?) but I can see this exact outfit, and definitely formula (tee + scarf + coat + jeans + booties) being very easily repeatable. 

And happy FRIDAY- we made it! I have to say, this week absolutely flew by, but that doesn't make me any less excited that it's the weekend. No huge plans, but I am cooking dinner tonight- wish me luck! 

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Monday, March 13

Culottes, Take 2

| earrings: Nashville Flea Market | sunnies: secondhand Banana Republic {similar} | lipstick: Urban Decay Vice in Temper | blouse: Forever21 via Carina {similar} | culottes: Old Navy {similar} |
 | wedges: secondhand via Carina {similar} |

Was my first attempt at styling these culottes a success? I'll let you be the judge of that. To be clear, I knew they would look the best with bare legs, but I had to make it work so I could wear them in the Winter, I was too excited to wait! 

While I knew my first styling attempt would be a stretch, this felt right just as soon as I put it on. It actually worked out quite well in the middle of an insane morning (like, this was my third attempt at getting dressed and I needed something NOW.) 

In fact, throughout the day, this became one of my new favorite outfits! The white top with these culottes will be the color combo to beat, it's just so crisp! I also loved the pop of red, and how well even the style of these shoes complimented the overall vibe. I used to wear my hair like this a lot when I ran/played soccer, and turns out it works just as well for when you really needed to wash your hair but you...didn't. Which happens to me weekly!

We are absolutely in the throes of Spring in Nashville! When I wore this outfit to work last week, the high was 75. And over the course of less than a week, we had a couple inches of snow on Saturday morning (so magical- but melted by like 10am) and it is forecasted to be 23 when I wake up tomorrow! Talk about running the gamut. Definitely a chance for some last minute Winter styles before the weather warms up for good.
Did you guys have a good weekend? I kicked mine off with a run on my favorite greenway, straight from the office on Friday afternoon. As I was finishing up, I actually gasped because the sunset was so incredible. When I got up the hill to where my car was parked, the sky literally looked purple (tried to capture it with my phone, right as it died.) I don’t *actually* believe in signs, but it can’t be a bad thing if the sky is lit up in my favorite color to start the weekend. Like I said, “Purple sky at night, Priya’s ultimate weekend ahead, I think that’s how the saying goes.”

It was a great weekend: I saw a Beatle’s cover band on Friday night (I love the Beatles anyway but was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show), was basically worthless on Saturday, read Gillian Flynn’s latest short story The Grownup, talked to my mom, did a literal mountain on laundry, met up with an old friend that was in town, and got to hang with some of my favorite babes, L & MC. We’ve been friends since they were literally babies, but things are getting serious, they wanted to see pictures and learn the names of every member of my family. 

Hope your weekend was a good one and that this week has been lucky so far, it does culminate in St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, after all!

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thanks to sweet baby T for taking these pics for me! 
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