Thursday, July 24

On MY Life Mottoes

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Santa Cruz, CA

I've been thinking a lot lately about life mottoes. My brother says I should clarify because "when you ask for a 'life motto', I think everyone definitely will overthink it. No one wants to submit and thereby endorse a lame 'life motto.'"

So, I'll say while I have some awesome "deeper" quotes I like to remember, I also have some really simple (also, dumb) phrases that I try to keep in my mind. I love hearing the words that others live by, and yes, you can tell a lot about a person by their "life motto" (now I'm just using the phrase loosely, you know what I mean!)

Here are a few of mine (with commentary when I absolutely couldn't resist:)

"Life is nothing if you're not obsessed." Thanks to Irene for this one.

"Keep it classy." Aka take the high road.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou
I can't remember where I read this, but I love it. To me, this means you have the power at all times to make yourself feel happy.

"The more the merrier." Yes, this is absolutely a cliche, but it's also kinda my philosophy for most things I do! I'm gonna go ahead and blame my big family for this one. Nowadays, if I'm making dinner, going out, etc. I just like to invite everyone. I certainly like alone time, but my general rule of thumb is, invite people, and they can invite their friends too!

"Never a Girl Scout, but always prepared." Story of my life.

"Every experience, is an experience." Everything, even if it sucks, is a story or a lesson for later.

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all." - Helen Keller

"Always leave everywhere a little cleaner than you found it." If everyone did this wherever they went (true, it's not always easy or convenient) things would be so much better!

"Positive thinking leads to positive performance." My friend Tim told me this once back when we were on a team together. Back then, it applied to cross-country & track, but I've never forgotten it. I have found that when I don't stress myself out, I perform better.

I asked assorted friends, family members, and co-workers to share with me their "words to live by", and I got so many awesome responses, I think they deserve their own post! Stay tuned.

In the meantime,
What are your life mottoes // words you have chosen to live by? I would really love to hear them, and if you'll let me, include them in my friends & family edition.

Let's all inspire each other! Fire away.

Tuesday, July 22

shootie debutie

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 photo IMG_5769_zps64c425f8.jpg
 photo IMG_5775_zpsc9609303.jpg
 photo IMG_5770_zps5f1a1825.jpg
 photo IMG_5781_zps7dd1fd41.jpg
| necklace: gift | dress: ASOS (giveaway) | belt: secondhand J.Crew | blazer: F21 | shooties: Payless |

hi everyone! just stopping by with a quick outfit and a quick post. it's been a crazy morning, and I forgot my journal at home, which for me means: I'm feeling a little crazy!

you might remember forever ago that I won a giveaway to ASOS from of corgis & cocktails (thanks, Katherine!) I ordered one dress that was perfect, and one that didn't fit. well, after literally MONTHS of haggling with ASOS, trying to get refunded for the dress I exchanged, and then getting a new voucher code, I got to use the rest of my winnings towards two new dresses (yes, worth the hassle.) here's one of them!

the first dress I chose was a simple knit, but the fit and feel of it made it a total winner. so, though ASOS has loads of pretty party dresses, I chose two more simple knit dresses that I can wear & wear again. I love the lilac color of this one, and yes, it's super comfy. and perfect for concealing a food baby! which is essential criteria for my dresses.

I polished it for work with a blazer and statement necklace, and my new SHOOTIES! that's the official Payless title for them. here's the story with these:

I was one step away from completing my Beyonce costume, I just needed some awesome black shoes. problem being, all the shoes that Beyonce wears are fabulous, though not necessarily practical. I wanted to buy shoes that worked for the costume, but also afterwards in real life. I played around with one pair in a panic, but when I saw these in gray on Sara (for $20, from Payless) I knew those were the ones! for the first time in my life I even paid for rush-shipping!

well, worth it. they came in time, were the missing link for my costume, and were super comfy for hiking through Atlanta. and dancing to Bey. and wearing for the rest of the week.

oh, I should mention (at the risk of renaming my blog to perfectly Beyonce) that these are leftover curls from the show as well. I used them as long as possible until a co-worker (guy) commented "you've really been milking the curls for as long as possible, huh? the schedule on which girls wash their hair just baffles me." I was HORRIFIED and washed them out that evening.

quick post, right. have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone! 

Monday, July 21

weekend update: in six

I had a blissful, easy-going weekend, where I actually had time to get ready to go places (a novelty!), cooked (and therefore ate & drank a lot), exercised at a leisurely pace (irony), celebrated a dear friend, and got some styling inspiration!

by yesterday evening, I was ready to get out of the house and get going again. which is perfect for Sunday, as far as I'm concerned, because here it's Monday and the work week yet again!

Friday night I tried making something new for dinner (rosemary + lemon chicken, brown rice, and veggies), finished a movie (I am notorious for not finishing them) and started a new one (left unfinished.) Hunter & I were invited to go out, but just stayed in and it was perfect. Also, there's no pictorial evidence for this, so just trust me.  
 photo IMG_5791_zpscff2624d.jpg
lesson from Saturday morning: bacon does not photograph well! mainly I wanted to show off the "eggs-in-the-hole" Hunter made. I die for anything heart-shaped, but heart-shaped and edible? double-dead. also see what I mean, eatingggggg all the time. 
 photo IMG_5801_zps1fee2213.jpg
Andrea's birthday card! I had time to make a pretty nice one!!
 photo IMG_5803_zpse562cbda.jpg
Andrea's amazing birthday cake, made by a talented friend. it was pineapple/coconut, I had a few slices.
 photo IMG_5829_zps95795447.jpg
the birthday girl! I was equally happy to see the fabulous Brooke after a long time. together we danced to new J.Lo and an assortment of other Latin music (which is mandatory, not optional, at Andrea's house.) 
 photo IMG_5876_zps9bceb10b.jpg
Sunday, after church and before working off allll the calories of the weekend, I had my session with stylist Shell B Cheri (I won this from Jessica in a giveaway! thanks Jess!!) this is the aftermath of our session, an explosion of clothing & accessories all across my room!

I loved it. because honestly, who doesn't love playing dress-up in their own closet?

getting a fresh pair of eyes on your closet is the best thing. too often we limit ourselves in our own wardrobes, because we only see things a certain way (and therefore style them a certain way.) I was able to pull out all those items I've had trouble styling lately (namely: this skirt, this blazer, kimono top, tuxedo pants.) Shell B is just awesome, fun to be around, and definitely pushed me to see items a different way. thanks Shell B!
 photo IMG_5880_zps9fd50af5.jpg
peep some of the looks we put together here. and I will obvi be blogging them all soon.

thanks for reading y'all. I'm recharged, get at me week!

Friday, July 18

I Have The Same Amount of Hours In A Day As Beyonce.

{post title- totally unrelated. except that I got a new mug with this written on it. and it's Beyonce week.}

here's example #163 of a random item I receive becoming a staple I love (more instances: this flannel, this t-shirt, this blouse, this sweater, this blouse.)

my roommate and girl for the ages, Shelby, who has absolutely been re-filling my wardrobe these days, had this top in a giveaway bag a while back. I guess not so much her style anymore, but who am I to not love a hot pink J.Crew silky sleeveless blouse? 
 photo IMG_5568_zps6b87eefb.jpg
| top: J.Crew via Shel | necklace: Target | pants: Gap Factory | heels: H&M |

I've actually been wearing it quite a bit, when it's not at the dry cleaners, which is after every time I wear it (real fancy silk + I spill on everything.) I don't have many blouses anyway, and definitely not that make a statement this easily. I've also gotten into color-blocking lately (aka the trend I have been waiting for my whole life, more on that later) and this top is the perfect piece for that!
 photo IMG_5574_zpsb2069ac4.jpg
I absolutely need to wear these pants more! they sat in a box all Winter and then for a while into the Summer, before I unpacked them, but now there is no excuse. I think white pants really terrify me. but I'm digging the fit of these more than I remembered. 
 photo IMG_5571_zpsdda508c2.jpg
close-up shot of my new necklace! I'd been lusting after one like this after seeing them throughout the blogosphere, and on several friends. I won a giftcard of my choice from Fran & Alissa (thanks ladies!) and chose Target. though I debated getting something practical I actually needed, this necklace won out. no regrets! 
 photo IMG_5569_zpsb1042bac.jpg
and hip-hip-hooray, it's the weekend again! I've got minimal plans which include: making Rosemary chicken, finishing up Legends of the Fall with Huntee, exercise, a bday shindig for my girl Andrea, and a styling session on Sunday with Shell B. Cheri! that's right, I'm getting some professional help! can't wait to share what we come up with.

wishing you all the best weekend!!

Thursday, July 17

Beyonce, etc.

well hi!

in a word, what I've been up to since we last spoke: Beyonce. in two words, Beyonce & Jay-Z. in three words, On The Run. you get it.

between getting my costume ready, extensive beauty treatments fit for Queen Bey, working a half-day, huffing it to Atlanta and back (and in between that the physical and emotional drain that was the show) I've been a little pre-occupied! but now everything is back to normal, I'm feeling that post-Beyonce slump, and just chilling sooooo hard.
 photo IMG_3650_zpsa1cb9e63.jpg
THE nail decals. the hardest part was choosing which to use (and getting a picture that did them justice)
before they came on, the stage said "This is not real life." exactly!
Emily let me do her make-up, dos eyelashes doe
Shel & me, lipstick queens, right before the show opened!
 photo IMG_5756_zpseec0625f.jpg
being a planner, I was determined to have everything scheduled to the T. I don't mess around when Bey is involved. things couldn't have gone smoother, we all worked a half-day, drove down to Atl, had dinner at Taqueria Atlanta (trippy!), changed, and even had time for a few parking lot pics before we Ubered/walked over to the Georgia Dome. 
 photo IMG_5753_zps7fbe55fd.jpg
my GIRLS, Shel & Emily. I would not have wanted to go with anyone else!! Shel's costume modeled after this, Emily's after this
 photo IMG_5757_zpscd2d1394.jpg
Hunter is just a champ. several people were so impressed that he was going to the show, with a bunch of girls. he had a great attitude, and really enjoyed it (read: was freaking out the whole show.) love this guy. and not JUST because he respects Bey, but that helps. 

oh, and just to be clear: there were TONS of guys there. Jay-Z! 
 photo IMG_3637_zpsd2d42db9.jpg
now let me shoot straight with you. my costume was modeled after the video for Pretty Hurts (and by the way, if you haven't seen it: you know what to do.) 

I'm a costume person. and though it was a huge step out of my comfort zone to wear this, I was really pleased with the accuracy! also, I made the top myself (bought a crop top at F21, and bedazzled it with sequins & jewels) and I was totally freaked out about doing it justice. but I think it looks pretty great! and like Shelby consoled me, once I actually go to the show, I didn't feel weird or out of place at all. everyone went all out. no one looked twice at me. plus, crop-tops are like, the rage anyway right?
 photo IMG_3649_zps86423773.jpg
the Forever Young duet at the very end. I cried! *Shelby took this picture, and some of the ones above*

I was so impressed with the production, the performances of both Beyonce & Jay-Z, the arrangements of their songs (Holy Grail!! aghhh!), oh and our seats were fantastic! we were nearly on the floor. Chase pre-sale for the win!! it was altogether, an amazing night. 

and now I'll tell you what I've been telling everyone: I made lofty goals for this Summer. I wanted it to still be fun and full of adventure & whimsy, since for the first time, M-F 8-5 is spent at work. I wanted the weekends to be full and busy, since not as much can happen during the week. well, at about half-way through the season, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for that goal. now all I want to do is relax in Nashville. I am looking forward to a VERY chill second half of the Summer, since I feel like every Friday afternoon I've been taking off for somewhere new.

I have two upcoming weekends to prep for when I'll have guests in town; BOTH my sisters the second weekend of August, and my friend Steph (!!!) that third weekend in August. otherwise, no plans in sight, and it feels so good. I hope you all are enjoying Summer to the fullest!

also this past week I've been thinking about blogs, reading a lot of them, though not necessarily commenting. I've been thinking about what this space means to me, and how happy I am I've been able to keep it up for this long! when I think about blogging goals, my first is longevity, and if that means stepping back from time to time, that's alright with me.

anyone else attending/attended the On The Run tour this Summer? I would obvi love to discuss with you!!

Wednesday, July 9

a brunch & clog story

one last memory, and one single outfit from my trip to Memphis last weekend. 
 photo IMG_5727_zps6586befc.jpg
| necklace: Tiffany's | top: thrifted | skirt: Gap Factory | purse: thrifted | clogs: Old Navy |

after weddings, brunch might be one of my favorite things to dress for. it's definitely an optimal time for something simple and chic, pretty, but not over-done; I mean, it's still early in the day. 
 photo IMG_5736_zps7c75df46.jpg
this skirt is perfect! it always makes me think of food. I mean, if I went on a picnic, and someone forgot the picnic blanket...not sure where I was going with that. anyway.
 photo IMG_5731_zps32dc334f.jpg
this blouse is a thrifted gem that I haven't worn nearly enough! I am the worst at thinking of new color combinations, so I was quite pleased with how well the orange + blue + cognac went together. and I am proud of myself for pairing them together, ok? I think I decided I like this top best when it's tucked into a skirt. hello, outfit formula.
 photo IMG_5733_zps33ca63ca.jpg
ok, the shoes. ready for the whole story? I mean, this is a blog with a recurring theme of fashion so I can write a paragraph about my new shoes and people will get me, right?

the first time I saw these shoes at Old Navy, I loved them. not really enough to buy them, but enough to keep my eye on them. I think I have a "clog-accumulation complex" similar to my jelly-accumulation complex. weeks later I stopped at Old Navy "just to check it out", also hopeful for a 4th of July outfit. low and behold, THE clogs, on clearance, for $10. like it was meant to be! I waffled for a while between black and white but finally decided on black, went home, and planned my outfit for the next day, with my new shoes.

I know what you're thinking. but Priya, this pair is brown! neither of us are crazy, you're right. after the first day I wore them, I frantically rushed home to Old Navy (ok, I just referred to Old Navy as my home. so, I really do have a problem.) to buy them in brown as well, because 1) they were $10, 2) they are the most comfortable shoes of all time, and 3) they are super cute and go with everything! also, 4) I've wanted clogs since Elaine rocked hers errrdayyyy on ClothedMuch (RIP). 
 photo IMG_5738_zps9d124c30.jpg
since that day, I have literally alternated between the black and brown pair nearly everyday.

so I never link to items on my blog (mostly because all of mine are old/random.) but these, I vouch for 100%. they are still $25ish online, but WORTH a trip to the store. go get 'em! (disclaimer, I'm not making money off of you, I just care about your well-being and want you to have new shoes.) 
 photo IMG_5711_zpsd9564c3b.jpg
 photo IMG_5740_zpse7bd6b25.jpg photo IMG_5725_zps9ca26849.jpg
at this point I have used up all my words and then some on this post, but: I wore this out for brunch in Memphis at The Beauty Shop. I had ham hash. I am obsessed. how cute is Meredith. also obsessed with her.

I'll leave you with this quote, "life is nothing if you're not obsessed." - @sayitaintsheh

for real the last thing: thanks for taking the time to comment y'all! it surely adds something to blogging knowing that I have people reading along and giving feedback!! have the best Wednesday night, and I'll see ya next time. 

Tuesday, July 8

weekend update: a Memphis 4th!

Hunter and I headed out after a half-Thursday to Memphis, to stay with my pal Meredith for the 4th of July weekend. what an awesome time! I had visited surrounding Memphis throughout college on Spring break, Fall break, etc. but never truly stayed in the city and experienced it. my friends said it best, "Memphis has soul." it is SO different than Nashville, but I loved it.
 photo July41_zps25879956.jpg
I should mention that Jackson got to hang out with us all weekend and we LOVE him! what a cool guy. thanks J!

Thursday night we got to hang with two of my favorite people: Beth & Travis, Dith's parents! one of my first blog posts was about Beth's cooking, if that gives you any idea. aside from the omg-I'm-dead cooking, I loved spending time with them. it had been too long! so many college memories around that kitchen island.

my July 4th festivities usually don't amount to a whole lot, but this year, I was ready! I had my patriotic outfit, r w & b mani, and Lady Liberty headdress. plus I was so excited to spend it in a new city.
 photo IMG_5603_zps2986ab3a.jpg
 photo IMG_5581_zps7ff5b2ac.jpg
Friday morning I slept in and Dith made me breakfast (the boys had gone to play on Justin Timberlake's golf course) and the day went up and up from there! btw, her cute apartment- I die.
 photo IMG_5596_zpsd15a35ab.jpg
 photo IMG_5591_zps8e03411e.jpg
we had lunch at Central BBQ, across from the National Civil Rights Museum (the Lorraine Motel, where MLK Jr. was shot.) already I was amazed at how saturated with history Memphis is.

then Friday night was spent out in Memphis! I just can't wait to go back to Beale Street, and Raiford's, a legit disco. several people had recommended it to me, and when I walked in I couldn't stop saying "this is unreal!" if you are ever even CLOSE to Memphis: GO.
 photo IMG_3525_zpsdf288fa8.jpg
Saturday morning was super chill, and then it may have been my favorite day. we got in the car and just drove (ok, Jackson drove) around the whole city; Jerry's Sno Cones, the school where Meredith and Jackson work, Jackson's trendy neighborhood Cooper-Young (including the Memphis mural), the not-so-trendy neighborhoods, the playground at Shelby Park, Graceland (!!!), and the urban areas in between.
 photo IMG_5645_zps4274f020.jpg
 photo IMG_5701_zpsac73e210.jpg photo IMG_5673_zps49d154d9.jpg
 photo IMG_5621_zps1922268a.jpg
 photo IMG_5617_zps1fe12850.jpg
Saturday afternoon we did a little shopping at Wish, a fabulous boutique and a mandatory stop, while the boys took a long nap.

Saturday night, we put on new dresses and headed back to Cooper-Young for dinner at Next Door. and then we crashed so hard!

Sunday for our last hurrah we had brunch at The Beauty Shop, an old-timey beauty parlor turned restaurant. I am obsessed. it was awesome. Hunter and I walked from Dith's apartment down to the Mississippi River (awesome) and then hit the road.
 photo IMG_5709_zps39b01949.jpg
 photo IMG_5723_zpsbaa7a497.jpg
 photo IMG_3558_zps848cfe39.jpg
some selfies for good measure:
 photo July42_zpsccbedb42.jpg
I think exploring a new city and getting to spend time with a best friend is my favorite thing. I'm thankful for the country I live in, and the holiday we get to celebrate it!

thank you Dithy, thank you J, thanks McFarlins! thank you Huntee for being my road-trip buddy. we'll be going back just as soon as I can!!

more Memphis memories here