Thursday, August 21

Happy Birthday Carina!

 photo carina_zps0ada4a4b.jpg
Carina in Nashville, October 2013

Ok, this is belated, which you probably already know. If I had been on my A-game, I would have had this scheduled for when my family was in town a couple weeks ago, when it actually was Carina's birthday. Going forward, I am implementing a "birthday month" policy for these posts. 

When I was younger, I was usually jealous of my sister. I think I've shared this story before, but since her birthday is during the Summer, it usually fell when we were traveling somewhere; Finland, India, etc. One year I vividly remember celebrating it in Lake Tahoe, and totally eye-rolling when she opened a gift of some new clothes. My dad said, "Priya, it's really only a matter of time before those become yours anyway!" He made a good point. So I'd like to open this birthday tribute by saying: holy hand-me-downs! I hardly have an outfit post without something that Carina has "given" me (sometimes it's stolen ;) 

This may seem very superficial when I'm explaining how much I love my sister, but we have always bonded over fashion (where my bloggers at?! You get me!) Since the moment I realized we could "share" I've been beg steal and borrowing things from her to wear! The very first time(s) I shopped online were when we learned how to hook up Carina's debit card! So we've really bonded over all that normal, girly stuff, her doing my hair, sharing clothes, getting our nails done, etc. All of those things that you have to learn as a girl, so thank goodness for sisters!

Still being jealous: my sister has always been an avid reader, and that's what spurred me to learn to read. Carina was running cross-country and track in high-school when I was younger, and there I was a few years later, doing the same thing. When I think about her now, I think she knows everything. She has taught me so much! I text her all the time with random questions, and she never judges me, just helps me out instead.

In my life, I've never felt like I had the type of sisters that are your best friends. (I would like to take this time to share that I learned to braid my hair by myself because Carina would refuse to do it for me as she was running out the door for school.) But I have to say, as I've gotten older, I've come to absolutely love the kind of sisterhood we share. They may not be conventionally "my best friends", but they are in a way; the kind that always has my back, always loves me, and who I now have the craziest/funniest time with. I feel that we really respect each other, and give each other space, but have still achieved that sisterly level of being all up in each other's business. 

I am so so thankful for the relationship I have with Carina now. I only really remember a few years of being young and her willingly playing with me, and we've had our clashes, like all sisters, but now, it feels like what I've always wanted. 

Carina, you're the sister I've always admired! You are so wise and lovely, and LOVED by me! 

Happy 26th Birthday to you, and here's to a great year. 

Tuesday, August 19

weekend update: Stephanie takes Nashville!

 photo Steph_zps42e1382e.jpg
Stephanie and I have been friends for a long time, specifically, since we were about 9. we met at the birthday party of a mutual friend (that we reminisced about on Thursday night), and I have to tell this story because it's so funny: the party was a sleepover and at some point during the night, Steph fell off a couch, woke up confused, and got into the closest sleeping bag- mine. soon after we started going to church together, took a little friendship break, and re-connected right before high-school, which we attended together. so, there's about a million funny memories and stories there.

I'm convinced there's nothing as comforting as old friends. bonus points if they are old friends from home, when now you live in a different place entirely. you can't help but wonder though: now that we're not in the same school/place, does our friendship still work? do we still have things in common/stuff to talk about? the short answer: yes. TOO many things to talk about. we both share interests and humor, and like Steph said, finally our passions & skills are complementary (her- photography, me- blogging.) it also helps that it's SO easy because she already knows essentially everything about me--and she still likes me! there are a handful of people on this earth that I don't think I could ever scare away by telling a really dumb joke or asking a stupid question- she's one of them.

SO- we had a great weekend. it was her first trip to Nashville, so while I wanted to pimp the city out to her, it was MUCH more laid-back than last weekend with my family. which was so perfect.

Saturday we went to Cummins Falls and I cannot WAIT to go back. I'm not sure if it's real, or man-made I mean. it seems too perfect. we also ate Mexican food nearly everyday, which we were both ok with. we had a couple fun nights out, (including night one of Live On The Green, Nashville's free music festival) where she got to meet some of my Nashville friends! oh- including Michael who also went to high-school with us. we surprised him and that was really really fun. we only broke out the real camera once, I mean, allllllll day on Sunday. that was super fun! otherwise we just snuck some iPhone pics which was so relaxing.

come again Steph! feeling thankful for friends. now excuse me while I take a nap that spans three days.

Monday, August 18

(Birthday) Party Pants

Today marks the first time in the history of ever that I am posting about the outfit I am wearing today. Like I mentioned last time I was here, I spent the weekend with my girl Stephanie. She flew in from California on Thursday, and I just took her to the airport this afternoon :,(

But I don't know if I mentioned that she is a brilliant photographer. Or that I thoroughly exploited her while she was here. You could have guessed that, right? Expect a slew of photos by her to follow.
 photo BlogResolution920140817_zps9c00ec41.jpg
| top: vintage (giveaway win) | jeans: gift (Seven For All Mankind) | clogs: Old Navy | leather cuff: handmade by a friend |

If you're a blogger like me, your first priority is just getting photos and making do with the best ones. If someone with talent can take your pictures, that's awesome. But a pro with a UNIVERSITY DEGREE in photography? Shut the front door.

I'm house-sitting right now and it comes with the most amazing screened in porch. It was totally dark in here yesterday while we were combatting stormy weather. Dark enough to where if I tried to take pictures out here, game over. But she's the best! I honestly think it is magic that the lighting in these is so dang nice. Thanks a million, Schepy! More about your weekend (and many more pictures you took) here in Nashville later! If you're interested in seeing more of her work, ch-ch-check it out!
 photo BlogResolution420140817_zps269e3eb2.jpg
Ah yes, the outfit. Remember when jeans and a top was your bread and butter look (circa 2nd-10th grade?) And then you stopped wearing it completely because wearing a dress made you look like you put some thought into what you were wearing? 

Well, everything old is new again. Just a super simple look, with three pieces, that I think works great. 
 photo BlogResolution820140817_zpscbdc4608.jpg
 photo BlogResolution120140817_zps3d34b4bf.jpg
Funny story about these jeans, here's the first part: I'm obsessed! I am a believer in jeans again! 

Last weekend when my sisters were here, Friday afternoon I was at work, and they were running amuck. They came back to my office with matching Seven jeans. Carina laments, "These were on sale and look amazing. Aw, we should have bought you a pair! I totally would have gotten you some for your birthday! Sorry!!"

If I am to be perfectly honest with you (alternation titles for my blog: "perfectly Honest" OR "And I'm Still Getting Birthday Presents") I was pretty determined to go back by the store and get a pair. Sometimes you have to make your belated birthday presents happen! And this time, they did. 

Oh! I nearly forgot; the punchline of the story is that by the time we went back and bought them, it was on Carina's actual birthday. That's right. She bought me a pair of new jeans for my belated birthday present on her birthday. Because she's the best.
 photo BlogResolution720140817_zps7d8a4cbf.jpg
Today also marks the first day of my "back-to-back-weekends with out of town visitors" rehabilitation plan. Leftover pad thai, New Girl, and that screened-in sofa is calling my name! Bye!! 

Friday, August 15

Weekend Update: Carina's 26th in Nashville!

And sometimes weekend updates happen on Fridays. Here's what life looks like right now: Galina and Carina flew in last Thursday night, and I took them to the airport SUPES early on Tuesday morning (Sundar was here from Friday night-Sunday). I had a couple days to catch up on work, sleep, put away the extra bedding, try to get a few workouts in, etc. and then yesterday right after work picked up Stephanie from the airport. She's in Nashville! And I'm playing host again!

But last weekend...I ate when I wasn't hungry, sang "Vamos a la Playa", spent 5 hours at the salon, got some birthday gifts for myself on Carina's birthday, braved the rain, group snuggled in my bed, stealthily bought cupcakes, and lots more that I can't even remember. 
 photo weekend1_zps900cb822.jpg
Left to right, Thursday & Friday: reunited & feeling good, tour at my office, burgers at the Pharmacy, our first show at the Opry! 
 photo IMG_5944_zps15d8eab7.jpg
 photo IMG_5961_zpsf6757016.jpg
We spent Saturday on Centerhill Lake with our rented pontoon boat and look who else joined, Andrea, Ethan, and Andrea's cousin Jose! What a fun day. I can't wait to do that again. And yes, I tubed so hard, my toe ring fell off. Feels like Summer!
 photo weekendSAT_zps96d304d9.jpg
Saturday: Sundar stealing my glasses, gang's all here, dinner at Merchants, a short attempt at Broadway after a day on the lake.
 photo weekendSUN_zps06ce681e.jpg
Sunday: Mafioza's before Sundar left :,( sweet work friends, we ALL got our hair done, Hunter joined us at Patterson House.
 photo IMG_5994_zps5a181d9a.jpg
Monday, which was Carina's actual birthday, we slept in, went to Fido for "breakfast", stopped by the mall and The Painted Cupcake, and headed to Arrington Vineyards (I'd been once before, here.)
 photo IMG_5997_zps5726ba4e.jpg
After wine tasting, which was really lovely, we sat out on the lawn, tried to light candles and enjoyed the view. Until it started pouring and we ran under the patio, which turned out to be a decent contingency plan. 
 photo IMG_6004_zpscd3cd385.jpg
How cute is my little Peanut? When she was packing, she almost left the tiara. And then said "Oh I get to keep it?" OBVIOUSLY! If you come celebrate your birthday with me, expect to keep the crown. 
 photo IMG_6012_zps9c61cc11.jpg
We do this a lot?
 photo IMG_6016_zpsbf866173.jpg
We stopped at home, and went to Rolf & Daughters for dinner which is Nashville GOLD. The food was some of the best I've had here in town and I can't wait to go back. Birthday dinner fit for a peanut.
 photo IMG_6022_zps5f7975e7.jpg
 photo weekendMON_zpsb013e47c.jpg
Monday: wine-tasting, Peanut cupcakes, Peanut candles, The Last Snuggles.

My sisters spoil me, and obviously I love it. I hope Carina had a 26th she'll never forget, and of course that they both come back to Nashville soon. 

Oh, I'm thankful for family. Especially one that comes to me when I can't go home at all during the Summer.

If you're interested in creeping on social media, our hashtag for the weekend was #pappumastakeNashville, which originated during this trip to Vegas. 

I'm gonna keep being a little MIA this weekend, but fear not, Steph is taking some amazing pictures for me that will be on the blog soon. Happy weekend! 

Tuesday, August 12

Orange You Glad I'm Not Making An Orange Joke

So I was planning this post to air at some point over the weekend, when I was MIA from any kind of blogging. But, all of a sudden it was Friday and I was at work AND hosting both my sisters in town (I don't recommend it.) Anyway I want to share what I had started writing because it's still totally applicable and therefore hilarious:

"While you're reading this, there's no telling what state I am actually in. I am most likely wearing a giant 49er's t-shirt (this is our year) because that's all that will fit after a weekend of eating my life away around town, celebrating Carina's birthday, and generally partying with family for days in a row."

That is as far as I got in writing this post, haaaaa. And now it's like giant t-shirt? Check. Starvation diet? Check. Too much birthday? Check! 

But oh yeah, I wore this outfit a couple weeks blogging is so weird. Anyway, while I'm busy sorting through 500 selfies from the weekend, eating salad, and taking long, rehabilitating naps, here's an outfit post! 
 photo IMG_5906_zps91ed1310.jpg
| top: secondhand J.Crew | dress: Old Navy | sandals: Blowfish via DSW |

I learned a lot from my styling session with Shell B (I haven't formally blogged any outfits we put together, but you can peep some of the looks here.) She mentioned she really didn't like orange and black together because it seemed Halloween-y or prison-y.

While I obvi broke that rule, she also encouraged me to wear open button-ups over dresses or shirts. That was originally how this outfit came to be, but then I decided with the proportions of the shirt, it looked better tied at the waist.

So, I realize neither of these anecdotes really have to do with me learning lessons from Shell B. But they helped with the thought process behind this outfit, at least. 
 photo IMG_5903_zps0dc5484d.jpg
I bought this dress because Danielle has it and it looked perfect and like you can ever have too many casual black knit dresses. 
 photo IMG_5912_zps11bcf4ff.jpg
And this top is another fabulous J.Crew hand-me-down from Shelby via her co-worker. My philosophy for hand-me-downs is seriously: the random-er, the better. Thanks Shel! 
 photo IMG_5909_zps4f8280da.jpg
Anything tied over a dress is generally money in the bank. Keep that in mind. 

I hope everyone, bloggy friends and IRL friends and those few special people that cross over both, are feeling excellent today and enjoying these days of Summer that feel floaty and hazy. And almost like we should be going back to school...but not for me anymore!

I'll be back this week with a belated birthday post for my dear Carina, and many photos from our #pappumastakeNashville weekend, most of which feature me making a horrendous face. Count on it. 

Friday, August 8

Eastside Hotel

That's it. I'm renaming this blog "perfectly Procrastinated."

And in the spirit of that rename: back in January (which is EIGHT months ago. Wut.) I moved into a new house that my roommate, Shelby, bought.

Before that, for eight long months of my life, we lived in a little weird house on the East side of Nashville. I lovingly dubbed it "Eastside Hotel", because it is on Eastside Avenue (and in East Nashville) and there were three bedrooms for the two of us. We figured the third room would end up being a room for a third roommate, a storage room, and a room to board any guests that came through (ended up being all three!)

Though we only spent eight months there, it certainly feels longer. They were eight full months, for sure. It feels like a special graduating, finding a job, and becoming an adult, part of me grew there. So while this post may seem super random, I just don't want to forget the Eastside Hotel and the chapter that unfolded there. I took these pictures in a frenzy one December day when I realized we were moving like, the next day. They've been sitting on my computer ever since!

The house, though weird and old like I mentioned, had its' charms. Also some mice. We were smitten with it when we first decided to rent it; the low ceilings, fireplaces in every room, arches, built-ins, and rock-tiled cave like entrance to the master bath. Which I don't have a picture of because it was Shelby's room, but just trust me!
 photo IMG_3652_zpseb74ca86.jpg
Such a great porch. We spent endless hours out here, late into the night (before we both worked 8-5!) notably, July 4th when it was rainy and 65 degrees. 
 photo IMG_3674_zps075b2c1f.jpg
This is in my room. Huntee helped me hang the lights. 
 photo IMG_3680_zpseab463b9.jpg
What I miss most of all is the fabulous built-in that was in my bedroom. I had double closets which met in the middle with a shelf, cabinet, and what established itself as a built in vanity area. SO cool. 
 photo IMG_3681_zps7d99b411.jpg
These pictures are all from my "vanity." 
 photo IMG_3679_zpsc7862442.jpg
Double closets, ready? I didn't even have a dresser because I had plenty of hanging space!

This side isn't doesn't look quite as nice as the other Here I have my blouses, pants, sweaters, lots of purses, and some casual shoes. I feel a little strange posting pictures of my old closet, but it's essentially a "closet tour" and I love when people share those on their blogs! 
 photo IMG_3686_zps69022a6e.jpg
Closet number two. Dresses, skirts, coats, more sweatshirts & cold weather accessories, heels and nicer shoes. Both closets had these funny accordion doors. My closet now is lacking, but is anyone interested in a closet tour? Would you read it?
 photo IMG_3685_zps94615329.jpg
I got a big old desk that I painted and it was pretty much a distaster. But here's what was sitting on it.
 photo IMG_3693_zps6216e934.jpg
Entrance into our laundry room/my little half-bathroom. 
 photo IMG_3694_zps78a35c98.jpg
Pictures hanging in my little bathroom. The boat was painted by my mom in grade school, and the plant pictures are all from her old Finnish textbooks. 
 photo IMG_3697_zps69ae350c.jpg
More bathroom. 
 photo IMG_3699_zpsf979e151.jpg
Shout-out to Hannah from The Braided Bandit who sent me these cute flags I hung over my door! They went perfectly with my yellow bathroom.
 photo IMG_3695_zps88fa68e6.jpg
The inside of my really old-school medicine cabinet.
 photo IMG_3704_zps820b30e2.jpg
Our cute back-door from our kitchen, onto our deck. I don't know if you can tell how dead and cold everything was by looking out the back window! 
 photo IMG_3711_zps3204afab.jpg
RIP, Eastside Hotel. You were good to us. We'll never forget your charms, monstrous heating/cooling bills, slanted floors, killer porch, and how you guided us into adulthood. 

I just didn't want to forget this home. I love seeing where other people live, and even looking back on pictures of old places I've lived. Planning to share some details of my *new* (it's not new at all, at this point) house sometime, eventually...

To be honest, I'm not really here today. My sisters flew in late last night, and my brother Sundar will be joining us for the weekend later tonight! So we're going #teamnosleep all weekend long. Adventures and stories to follow, count on it. Enjoy your weekend!!

Tuesday, August 5

AKA Weekend Update Pt. 2*

*I wore this all weekend.
Call me crazy, but I think wearing an outfit three days in a row warrants an outfit post.
 photo IMG_5916_zps845784f9.jpg
| necklace: gift | tank-top: Old Navy | skirt: gift | sandals: Blowfish via DSW |

Let me break it down for you. Thursday night I was gifted this skirt by the sweet Michael & Amanda (who just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary...we just visited them in their NEW house!) It was a belated birthday present which is ALRIGHT with me! 

Amanda is the best so she said, "I better see this on your blog ;)" Hi Amanda! A couple friends have said something like this to me, and I don't know whether to be happier that someone is a) reading my blog or b) giving me new clothes. 

Then I wore it on Saturday for dinner. Then I wore it on Sunday for church. And then I was and I wore it on Monday to work!
 photo IMG_5921_zpsd264d136.jpg
This skirt is so pretty, and I don't own anything like it! All it needed was a simple pink (trust me, though it looks white in these blinding photographs!) tank-top, and some sandals, which made for a casual pairing, perfect for the events of the weekend. 

I can see it just as easily dressed up with wedges or heels, a dressier top, and some chunky jewelry.
 photo IMG_5920_zps2c22d760.jpg
Aforementioned "Barbie manicure."
 photo IMG_5919_zps77f6c95b.jpg
Remember when I had a "lob"? Lob no more! My hair is legit shoulder-length. But I almost think I like it better shorter. I might go back to that this weekend when my sisters & I go see Olive all together! 
 photo IMG_5923_zps58eadf3c.jpg

It's amazing how skewed your to-do list can get when you start binge-watching a TV show. This week I've been relaxing and getting ready for my sibs to get here, and by that I mean, plowing through New Girl and thinking about doing laundry. 

I'm getting seriously inspired by Zooey's whimsy "no-rules" color palettes. Any other New Girl // doing laundry fans out there?