Wednesday, September 2

My Updated Style Strategy

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| shirt: Brooks Brothers via Mom | necklace: gift (J.Crew) | pants: Gap Factory | heels: J.Crew via Carina |

A lot has been swirling around the blogosphere lately about "style strategies"; the most popular of these being minimalism. While I love a good capsule packing job, and generally agree with the paradox of choice theory, I have to say: 

I'm a maximalist! I like having options! I like having three of the same thing! And it is nearly impossible for me to get rid of things. I've started to see this sentiment peeking out of blogs as well which makes me feel like, ok, it's safe for me to say.

That being said, I do have a style strategy: to wear out my closet. I've thrown that phrase around on the blog, but what does it actually mean? To me, it means it's ok for me to have more t-shirts and flats than I actually need, as long as they serve a purpose. Seems simple enough, right?

Like most, I'm constantly in the never-ending process of ridding my closet of items that no longer fit- my body or my lifestyle. Like I mentioned, I'm allowing myself to have options, or say, the dress that I like to wear once a season, just so long as I'm actually doing it!

I've read on several blogs about people going through their closet strictly every season, eliminating items that didn't get worn. This seems like a pretty good system to me! To set myself up for the inevitable "but I'll wear this next Summer, promise!" a few weeks ago, I rotated my closet and drawers into sections that had yet to be worn this Summer. If, in a few weeks, those items are still un-worn: out they go

So just know: my closet is full of clothes I've had forever, random hand-me-downs from distant friends and relatives, and whatever new-ish stuff I've managed to buy in the last few years. Though I totally failed my no shopping goal this year, I'm still trying not to shop a lot. The easiest way to do this is of course, to shop my closet. 

It's also very handy keeping track of this venture on my blog. When I contemplate losing/keeping an item, if it hasn't been on my blog ever, that's a pretty good sign that it's completely out of style or ill-fitting. If I'm making a plea to keep it, I have to style it in an outfit that is immediately "blogworthy" (that word is probably a post for another day...but what I mean is, something I actually like and want to wear.)

Case in point here: this button-up. I stole this from my mom a few years ago, and hadn't worn it in nearly as long. But I think I'll keep it still, because I liked this outfit. I copied it straight out of J.Crew's Fall 2015 lookbook, and I know I've seen it before this year too. Seems like a classic piece that can stand the test of time. 

So I'm telling you this mostly so you can keep me accountable, and maybe help me out, if you're anything like me. Do you have the hardest time getting rid of stuff? What works for you? How do you "wear out your closet?" 

This turned wordier than I intended, so; I thank you for reading, and for making perfectlyP a safe space where I can over-think cleaning out my closet. Cheers to ya!

Monday, August 31

#AndreasFinalFiesta Weekend!

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And for my last bachelorette party of the year (phew ;) we hopped on over to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, for #AndreasFinalFiesta; and a lot of Beyonce, a lot of Spanish and a little Russian, and a whole lot of love and snuggles for our Mrs. Johnson to be!

We joked all weekend that this was her final fiesta because she could never party again once she gets married (but it's a joke, because we all know marriage is one giant party.) Also joked that I was the one who forced her to have her bach in Charleston, when in reality- I made a few suggestions and Charleston won out. Which I was not mad about because Charleston, omg, heart eyes! Can't wait to go back! It seems like everything you could want and need in a city.

I highly recommend it if you can swing a destination bachelorette party. We all wished for more time, because we merely dabbled in going to the beach, going on a boat, walking downtown, checking out the local cuisine and nightlife, and of course all that crazy bachelorette hanging out.

I'll say it was a success. And I'll say, once again, how much fun it is to meet all my best friend's best friends. Apart from making my friends wear crazy hats etc. it's been the funnest part of bachelorette parties this year! I feel like I have a whole group of new friends #winning.

Andrea (because I know she'll read this) we all love you baybay. Thanks for being my friend. Now let's make you a Mrs. Johnson!

(In case you're like, wait, I want to see all the bachelorette weekends you had this year:
Amanda // Jenae // Jacqui, and if you need some recommendations for anything...hit me UP!)

Monthly Goals, August

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Peanut and I take over a "cliff" at Center Hill Lake

It's the last day of the month, and I'm feeling pretty relieved. Summer has left me feeling a little bit burnt out; and though I try to never complain (or even lament) about being busy, because this is how I operate best, I can't shake the sentiment of just wanting to "do nothing, forever!" 

So anyway, a look at how I did on my monthly resolutions in August:
- I took two big trips this month: California for Jacqui's bach/bridal weekend, and Charleston for Andrea's bachelorette party
- I may have missed live music for the first time all year. Unless we're counting the various house bands in Nashville bars etc.
- I saw nearly every member of my family, between going home AND having sibs visit me!
- Hunter suggested gumption as my one-word-motto for the month...I basically didn't think twice about it.
- I didn't host a dinner, party, or dinner party or read a book.
- I wrote a couple cards for bridal stuff, & I'm planning to write letters that have been in the works for TOO long, this afternoon.

I probably give myself a C for the month of August. Not terrible, and nothing should keep me from hosting, reading, and going to shows next month!

Looking forward to September, my one-word-motto for the month is simple. No really, it's simple (couldn't resist.) I'm making plans to not make plans, trying my best to do one thing at a time, and focusing on enjoying life more with clarity, instead of a preoccupied mind. So wish me luck with that. Seriously though, now that all the bachelorette parties are over, I might need a new hobby ;) more on THAT, real soon! 

Thursday, August 27

Thankful Thursday, #7

 photo IMG_4764_zpstgrulwkj.jpg
37. my new sweatshirt ^^^
38. chocolate dipped ice cream cones
39. Huntee telling me about his dreams
40. Charleston on the horizon
41. Carly Rae Jepsen's new album
42. glorious CA weather (but, in TN!)

This'll be short and sweet, as I'm scrambling to get everything done before I leave for Charleston, SC early tomorrow morning, for #AndreasFinalFiesta (follow along with that hashtag, if you like!) Life continues to be a roller coaster of the best moments and the not-as-good ones, but for now, I'm thankful. I dripped ice cream all over myself today, but still, I'm thankful ;)

Also thankful for anyone reading along with me, as always.

Share a random act of gratitude in the comments below, and for an extra dose of thanks, check out this full series here!

Wednesday, August 26

Sisters Who Crop

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 photo IMG_9352_zps6rowwhjf.jpg
 photo IMG_9350_zpsgqgucnl8.jpg
| top: Aritzia via Carina | shorts: H&M | sandals : gift (Target) | purse: Target | watch: c/o JORD |

Good Wednesday to you! I mention my sister Carina to some capacity in nearly every post. I'm #blest that many of my most fabulous hand-me-downs come directly from her. This top being no exception. She purchased it in this size first, (and this is so Carina, you guys) ended up going back for the smaller size, and "never got around" to returning the bigger one. Which she then gave to me. This, along with this skirt, being one of the carefully curated hand-me-downs she gave me last time I visited her. 

I wore this Sunday night; when I went out to dinner with Carina and Huntee at Chauhan Ale & Masala House. If you're in Nashville and have never been: GO! It's mostly authentic Indian food, with some Southern/British fusion thrown in, and their house-made craft beers. And the place itself is too cool. I should've thought twice about the crop top + big dinner thing, but oh well. I was excited to wear these shorts again, because I haven't worn them since last time

And look who I got to jump in some outfit photos with me!!
 photo IMG_9355_zps7wyqvtsp.jpg
 photo IMG_9358_zpsojqweuyb.jpg
Peanut! Also notable is that we're wearing our matching jean jackets. Sometimes this blog feels like a love letter to my jacket. I've told the story of this jacket several times on the blog, even done a remix with it, but I swear I still love it more with every wear. 

In case you hadn't heard; Carina bought one for herself, and soon after one for me, for about $20 from Gap, in probably 2004. 11 years later (according to our estimation), they're still going strong, and I'll never ever get rid of mine! When I saw she brought hers to Nashville, I knew we had to get some pictures. And I didn't get her other outfit details, sorry. <3 

Monday, August 24

Weekend Update: CMC

 photo CMCWeekend2_zpskj9yywwm.jpg

Things I learned this weekend:
- It is impossible to go out at night after a lake day.
- That said, at this point, downtown Nashville is like a tradeshow for Bachelorette attire (perfect timing!)
- During a Southern Summer, driving tours are as fun (maybe more!) than walking tours.

I am deliriously tired, and also happy. I don't have much else to say.

Coren, Marisol, and Carina, THANKS for coming to town! <3 <3 <3

Tuppy is now the only family member of mine that hasn't come to visit yet (and he's coming in a few weeks!)

I'm off to snuggle Huntee because today is our five year anniversary. I have absolutely nothing prepared, but just know, I love him a whole lot, and he makes everything better!

Don't text me after 9 o'clock tonight, alright guys? I will be dead to the world, asleep!

Friday, August 21

Oh, swap!

 photo IMG_9205_zpsdxbdfjrc.jpg
 photo IMG_9209_zpspwus8iyj.jpg
 photo IMG_9198_zpsfvx1i7sk.jpg
| blouse: F21 via Kelley | skirt: F21 via Carina | wedges: Bakers | watch: c/o JORD | bangles: gift (Target) |

Last week, I enjoyed two of the most glorious words in the english language: clothing swap. (Close seconds- Beyoncè Knowles. Donut day. Long weekend.)

Some gals at work threw together a clothing swap, and being on my way back from CA, I didn't have my stuff together, and didn't bring anything. I thought it was only fair that I didn't grab anything too, but I helped coordinate, and when everyone had made their rounds...

Fate intervened and I snagged this beautiful top, straight from work friend Kelley! She laughed at me and said "you're cute because you will swim in that" but I said, the over-sized the better, and with a little tucking/scrunching magic, here we are! 

When I went home last, I spent one night at Carina's, and though she had recently gotten rid of a giveaway bag (yeah, I gave her a really hard time about that), she had a few carefully curated items set aside for me. One of them being this skirt! I've wanted one like it forever, and it was too big for her (bummer!) It's really perfect.

I wore this last weekend for Andrea's bridal shower. As the "master of ceremonies", I needed a well put-together and moderately comfortable outfit, that would also command attention, as I had three games to lead and no mic! Oh yeah, here's what the jaw-dropping cake looked like. 
 photo IMG_9181_zpskbnucogg.jpg
Ain't she cute? Her bachelorette party is next, we're heading to Charleston, SC one week from today!

In the meantime, I've got Coren, Marisol, and Carina joining me in town today for the weekend! The weather in Nashville is pretty much perfect, I've got a new skirt on, and we're having hot chicken for dinner! Oh happy day!! Tomorrow we've got a boat rented for the day, can't wait!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, thanks for reading, and I'll be back with you soon!